ICYMI: Fiore Mesh Head Updates

In case you missed it (ICYMI), the long-awaited head/applier updates from Fiore have arrived. You should have received your updates automatically, but I definitely recommend visiting the re-delivery terminal at the main store to make sure everything is current.

ICYMI fiore - DeuxLooks

Why update?

The biggest change is that now, each head comes with a central control HUD, which governs most of the central functions on your head such as expression (mouth options only), blink and eye position, and a much better neckblend, fitted for Maitreya and for Slink. This means that if you primarily use third-party appliers, you can now control central functions of your head. This is super important from a usability perspective, so bravo. Check out Sanya’s Flickr post here, which has everything you need to know. There are major changes in functionality so you will want to read it carefully and then re-read it again 😉

BUT keep your old heads

A word of caution, if you use third-party appliers or eyelash alternatives like I do, only updated appliers will work on the new heads. SO, unless your particular applier has been updated, you’re out of luck until it is. I plan to keep my old heads so that all my third-party appliers will continue to work on those. I will wait for word from brands like Mai Bilavio, Bold & Beauty and ItGirls, and hope that they are going to be updated! (!!!!!!!!!) I also found the lashes/eye makeup glitching still present, whereas my non-updated heads work well with third party lashes from Mai Bilavio, for example. Bizarre.

ICYMI fiore - DeuxLooks

Oh, oh and ICYMI, there is a new head too. Find the Minx head shape at the main store. Swag.


  • Head: Fiore Precious, Soft *updated*
  • Appliers: Fiore Toni, Taylor *updated*
  • Necklace: Amala Pia Ball Necklace (rose gold) *N21*
  • Hair1: Truth Atalia *@The Epiphany*
  • Hair2: Little Bones Daisy *@Uber*
  • Bikini: Dead Dollz Bikini (Rare) *@The Epiphany*

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