DeuxLooks - mimosas

This outfit is something I could have worn to the recent Kentucky Derby while sipping mimosas or mint juleps our whatever they do there while wearing hats. I love a summery orange and white number.

I started with my cute bucket hat and braids from Elikatira @Fameshed, which can be worn sans hat too. In a sea of so much same, it’s one of the cutest hat/hair combos I’ve in seen in a long while. BTW, while everything from the neck up is new, the rest of my style is older inventory.

It’s wicked hot here in Boston this weekend (goes from winter to summer instantlytrying not to complain). Mimosas for everybody!



  • Head: LeLutka
  • Lipstick: Poema Magnetic Nude
  • Eyes: AG Ecstasy Eyes **@Access**
  • Earrings: (Yummy) Lenore Pearl Earrings **@Collabor88**
  • Hair/Hat: ELIKATIRA Frankie **@Fameshed**
  • Blouse: [spectacledchic] VINTAGE(May Collection) Sheer Blouse
  • Bra: Stories&Co. Signature Band Top – Warm Neon
  • Trousers: [spectacledchic] LAZY DAY Stretchable Pants
  • Heels: Stories&Co. Signature Mary Janes – Carrot
  • Bag: [DDL] Habit (Orange)


Today’s inspiration comes in the form of the familiar. A sure thing, I’m covered in a neutral, navy, and simply, but powerfully, feminine style. Hard to do in Second Life a lot of the time; it really depends on what’s being released, and for me, it’s been almost all miss and no hit since April. With the exception of skin, makeup, and hair releases, I have very few items of clothing from the last several weeks to show for many attempts to fill my cart. However, this netted lace skirt suit did the trick for me. How about the gorgeous hand drawn detail?

DeuxLooks - familiarity

I wanted to blog the GORGEOUS new necklace/earrings set from Yummy released at Collabor88, but it didn’t come with a HUD until a later update (which was handled SO quickly, thank you!) but by then I had reused this slightly older set and thought it still worked perfectly.

My neutral eyes and lips (weekend releases from Cheap Makeup) are both new and exactly what I wanted against a slightly darker skin tone.



  • Head: LeLutka
  • Eye Makeup: HD ‘No Makeup’ Makeup **new**
  • Lips: Cheap Makeup HD ‘Lip Lustres’ **new**
  • Hair: tram L0325 hair4
  • Jewelry Set: (Yummy) Chloe Set
  • Ring: (Yummy) Dutchess Rings
  • Blazer: E.K – Jane Jacket **@Fameshed**
  • Skirt: E.K – Jane Skirt **@Fameshed**
  • Heels: Empire Bouvardia
  • Bag: [DDL] Lucky

This next chapter

This next chapter of my life is called invite only…” I heard someone say it this weekend at a birthday dinner for a high school friend. It really resonated with me. I tend to get a bit introspective as the seasons change again. Maybe this will be the summer that I have always wished for? Anyway, “invite only” inspired my look today. I love a clean, simple, confident style. It feels independent and sophisticated.

DeuxLooks - this next chapter

I added freckles (Finer Threads), bright lips (Velour) and deep blue eyes (Lotus) – as well as new classic earrings that remind me of my all-time favorites from the long gone brand epoque – to add some color and dimension to my avatar’s face. This new pack of earrings from Piece of Me will be used a whole lot in this next chapter, I predict.


This next chapter…

  • Head: LeLutka
  • Hair: Wings ER0408
  • Skin: MILA. Linnea Latte **N21**
  • Lips: Velour Willow **@Uber**
  • Freckles: FinerThreads – Drika Freckles
  • Eyes: Lotus Generation Eyes
  • Earrings: [POM] Blaith Pearl (Gold)
  • Ring: KUNGLERS – Danuza ring
  • Blazer: Mimikri – Boyfriend Blazer **@Uber**
  • Skirt: TETRA – Anniversary skirt
  • Heels: [BREATHE]-Sayune Heels **@TheFifty**
  • Bag: MVT – Fancy tote – White


DeuxLooks - outdoors...y

I have heard comments throughout my life about a perceived lack of “outdoorsy-ness.” While it may be true that the first time I agreed to “camp” as in college, I slept in the car the first night and promptly found a motel for the nights after, it’s also true that I have had horses nearly my whole life and there’s nothing particularly high maintenance or “inside-y” about shoveling shit and riding in every kind of extreme weather. So, I am actually really good at being outdoors with my animals – and sometimes manage (I hope) to still be stylish while I do it. At least my avatar has the right idea.

This is my avatar in the SL-version of outdoorsy. I enjoyed putting it together, starting with a simple top and shorts combo from COCO, “hiking” boots that I have been waiting to wear, and a good inventory dive for these older finger-less gloves. My soft matte lipstick is once again, from Cheap Makeup. It should be Chic Makeup IMO.



  • Head: LeLutka
  • BoM Skin: MILA. Linnea Latte **@N21**
  • HD Lipstick: Cheap Makeup HD Lip Chaps **new**
  • Moles: Belleza
  • Hair: OPALE . Ursula Hair
  • Hat: (NO) Cassidy Style – Rancher Hat
  • Gloves: Zenith=Buckle Gloves
  • Necklace: LaGyo_Rowan Leopard Necklace
  • Top: COCO_HalfSleeveShirt **@Uber**
  • Shorts: COCO RollUpDenimShorts **@Uber**
  • X-body: [DDL] Excess
  • Boots: [Gos] Eva Combat Boots
  • Ring: KUNGLERS – Danuza ring