And I hardly miss her…

DeuxLooks - and i hardly miss her

Miss who? Korina, of course. When I find skins like this one from The Skinnery on my new-ish Inez head from LeLutka, I hardly miss my long lost (and deeply cherished) Korina head all that much…

I know I have said this before but I do think I may finally kicked the habit. Only because I deleted (WUT?OMG!) all my pre-EvoX skins so even if I did wear Korina again, I wouldn’t have any of my old favorites to wear on her. I made room in my inventory for more stuff to cling to later.

Now watch, LeLutka will change it all up again! $#&@%!!



Head: lel EvoX INEZ 3.1

BoM Skin: [the Skinnery] Cherry (LeLutkaEVOX) champagne **@Uber**

Hat/Hair: (NO) Bonnie Style **@Anthem**

Earrings: (Yummy) Double Diamond Studs

Scarf: COCO_FurScarf_LightBrown

Blazer/Top: COCO_BlazerWithLaceTop(Greige

Trousers: Belle Epoque { Olivia Pants } Bisque

Boots: BUENO-Casey Boots-Maitreya-Fatpack

Back in Time

DeuxLooks - back in time

I picked up the lovely ‘Gaia’ head at the recent LeLutka Black Friday sale for 50% off. It’s like my avatar went into a cryo chamber and emerged 10 years younger. I wish there was a copy of the old DeuxLooks blog still hanging around the internet because you would be able to see the youth in my avatar in the same way! IRL of course, I am now 10+ years older and yet my avatar looks younger than ever.

I wouldn’t say I “struggle” with how to accurately represent my RL age with my avatar’s. I’ve never tried to do that in a linear way. But, it’s interesting to consider that I might have actually outgrown the super youthful look that Gaia represents and not have realized it? I mean, IRL I outgrew Vanderpump Rules so I suppose it’s bound to happen in SL too. Just for the record, I still watch Summer House 😉

Whatever, Gaia is a beautiful, very youthful head!



Head: lel EvoX GAIA 3.1

BoM Skin: [Glam Affair] Evelyn [Lelutka EvoX] **@Uber**

Hair: Wasabi // Rio Hair **@Uber**

Earrings: P.C; Merriweather Diamond Studs

Scarf: erratic / satin scarf / FATPACK

Coat: S&P Danielle coat (Lara Petite) black **@Fameshed**

Dress: -Pixicat- Bella Dress – VelvetRed


DeuxLooks - pioneer

I’m back from Thanksgiving. And to top it off, I’m wearing pioneer-inspired fashion, totally un-ironically btw. I found this dress at Tannenbaum, and had to have it – probably because it’s the literal antithesis of 99% of SL fashion releases. But really, it’s well done, except that it doesn’t come in a Maitreya Petite fit. Their very small main store is really well-done too. I appreciate this kind of artistry in SL. There’s too little of it in fashion, IMO.

DeuxLooks - pioneer

I’m also wearing a BoM skin by alaskametro for LeLutka EvoX. I headed over to her main shop to pick up some makeups that now have a EvoX option – like these red lips – and found Estrella. However, the alaskametro bodyskin situation takes too much brainpower. I literally cannot with all the different combinations you have to use now to figure out what to wear to make a skin match your head if you use BoM for your mesh body and LeLutka EvoX for your head. In the end, I gave up and put on something “close enough.” That could stand to be simplified for simple minds like mine.

EDITING TO ADD: It turns out Maitreya updated to 5.3, which gives you a seamless fit at the neck again. This removes a lot of the nonsense bodyskins and greatly simplifies the approach I bitch about here. Totally 100% my user error…until I figured out there was an update body!

Lastly, I did check out a couple Black Friday sales but the best one by FAR is LeLutka’s. 50% off all heads??? Are you kidding me?? Pick up any you have been on the fence about! I picked up Gaia and might head back for Ceylon too.



Head: lel EvoX INEZ 3.1

BoM Skin: alaskametro “Estrella” leL EvoX FACE – Tone 2 no brow

Brows: [theSkinnery] Bondi Brows – 1 brown

Moles: [West End] Emma – Face Moles – Type A

Lipstick: alaskametro “My Reds” lipstick – 01 X

Hair: Exile:: Yara **@Collabor88**

Earrings: (Yummy) Pave Heart Earrings – Gold

Rings: (Yummy)

Collar: ((LovelyAlien))PeterPanCollar_White

Dress/Blouse: L&Co Clothiers [The Charlotte] Pinafore Dress & Shirt Gray **@Tannenbaum**

Boots: Wicca’s Wardrobe – Celestine Boots

Nails: (NO) Art Nails – Almond – Summer 2 Fall

The Coziest Cutout

DeuxLooks - coziest cutout

This isn’t a new sweater but it’s definitely the coziest cutout in my inventory. We are in full sweater-weather here in Boston. It’s cold but bright. Almost holiday-ish. I can’t resist a good inventory dive and a simple monochrome style so this look hit just the right spot. IRL, I’m heading down to the beach for the Thanksgiving week in just a few hours. You’ll have to roll me back to Boston in elastic waistband pants!

DeuxLooks - coziest cutout

I’m also wearing the new Inez skin from Glam Affair, complementing the new EvoX head from LeLutka. When you step away from the gorgeous creaminess of GA skins for a little bit and then come back, you realize just how beautifully crafted they really are.

Have a great week – and Thanksgiving if you celebrate!



Head: lel EvoX INEZ 3.1

BoM Skin: [Glam Affair] Inez **@Kustom9**

Beret/Hair: tram K1108 hair **@C88**

Sweater: vive nine :. Charlie Knit Cut-Out

Trousers: BTTB handig pants – beige **@Kustom9**

Bag: ryvolter :. Loca Love Bag

Rings: Orsini and Yummy

Heels: [BREATHE]-Shioko Heels **@C88**

Nails: (NO) Art Nails – Almond – Summer 2 Fall