shop my stash

DeuxLooks - shopped my stash

This is – head to toe – a look from my stash, existing inventory I wear over months and years. That’s why my inventory organization strats are so important. You can’t shop your stash without knowing where everything is in your cavernous digital closet, amirite?

I spent the morning visiting the Minimal Gallery – which houses jewelry, clothing, and scenes, buildings and decorations from Minimal. A brand I used to only wear jewelry from, I joined the group for $250L and picked up so many great past group gifts – one of which I am showing here. I know, I’m late to this party. But I have arrived.

I’m considering revisiting a post on how I organize my inventory to shop my stash regularly. If you’re interested in revisiting this topic, let me know.


fresh start

DeuxLooks - fresh start
fresh face

This is about as simple as it gets. Sundress, ponytail, fresh face for a fresh start. I love this new pinafore style from Thalia Heckroth. The best color – a bright, screaming pink – is only available in the fatpack. Cruel world. My skin is absolutely delightful – completely fresh faced – from Bold & Beauty.

fresh body update

So the other day I noticed all these “Maitreya Petite” sizes in my inventory. I don’t remember hearing or seeing anything about this. How did they get there? Somehow – when I was away, maybe? – Maitreya released an update to the Lara body and introduced the new Petite add-on. I am sorry I missed all the fanfare – assuming there was any. It made me pretty happy tbh.

So now, I have happily updated to Lara 5.2 for a fresh start (somehow I had moles on my previous body that seemed to transcend any body skin applier) and will absolutely, positively be giving the Petite add-on a try as well. Finally, I can have an avatar without implants!! Remind me to update my Evolution heads too, please!


best laid plans

DeuxLooks - best laid plans

“The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” That’s how the saying goes. And that’s what’s happened to me. Despite my best laid plans to spend a vacation week blogging and welcoming a new kitty into the family, I experienced: a broken blog, a killer cat, and a crazy heat wave. In SL, my best intentions to love and adore the new Fleur from LeLutka head similarly went awry.

I don’t know what it is about this new head, but the shape is so different that I haven’t been able to get it to even slightly look like “me” in avatar form – not using my base Evolution shape and not using the base that comes in the box. However, I have seen some very pretty other avatars – including from Gogo, who has somehow managed to almost perfectly recreate her familiar avatar with this new head. I could blog what my shape looks like so far, but it’s not pretty and not cute. Like, at all.

I haven’t struggled so much with a new head shape in a long time. But I’ll definitely go back to work on it. In the meantime, I’m wearing one of the new Glam Affair BoM skins that was specifically made for Fleur on my Nova Evolution head…because that’s how shit goes around here for me.

The best laid plans…


sensing a pattern

DeuxLooks - sensing a pattern

Are you sensing a pattern? Good grief, I only just realized how far my matchy-matchyness has gone -_- But I love tropical colors mixed together like frozen treats in the summertime and apparently, I love matching them to my front door too.

Clearly, I’m continuing to grow my collection from The Skinnery and am loving this new one with a hint of pink lipgloss from Euphoric. Yes, still wearing my LeLutka Korina head; still not wearing the newer Evolution head shapes as often. I think the new BOM skins work just as well on my older head shape but I do look forward to trying the new LeLutka head release at the end of the week.


This pretty background scene is from Minimal – a creator I previously only enjoyed jewelry from. But I have been – obviously – really enjoying creating looks with something other than a bare white background for the first time in a long while. Way back when I was blogging Last Call’s releases for Ginny, I often used to snap his amazing limited edition or holidays designs in beautiful sims across SL. Yes, this is not the same, but it’s been fun to play with.