Before I Go

DeuxLooks - before I go

Before I go, a quick “back to basics” look for Fall. I’m headed back to my parents’ home for a week or so. I’m going to be looking at a week of very basic basics. Work, dog walks on the beach, fall dinners for my Dad. I wanted to celebrate by going back to basics on my blog too.

DeuxLooks - before I go

For those who know DeuxLooks from way back forever ago – or even just the last couple years after I returned, you know I really like to style on a plain background. I’m not a “photographer.” I’m not talented in any actual artistic way. I just love personal style. And I love the expression of personal style in the most basic sense. IRL and here.

I fell in love with this new “basic” blouse by fleur (the same creator that made Entwined hair btw!) so much that I fatpacked it. I’m also wearing some basic jeans, basic boots and basic crossbody bag – all existing inventory from my collection. It seemed like a good basic mix before I go.

See you soon-ish!


Bone to Pick

DeuxLooks - bone to pick
The iconic Hermes Birkin Bag is now in Second Life

I have a bone to pick today – well several, actually. But let me start without complaint. This bag is new from Vive Nine ryvolter and yes, there is now a well-done version of the coveted Hermes Birkin bag in Second Life. I really love being able to have iconic items like this in SL and I especially appreciate creators crediting the RL item. Thumbs up!

ryvolter makes the absolute best handbag recreations in my entire inventory. I own dozens and dozens (and dozens) of them – and I haven’t seen another creator that even comes close to the quality. Fact.

Bone Picking

However, I really don’t love that the “Classica Bag” fatpack (an excellent deal if you like the bag and will get lots of use out of it) comes with every single color/style as a separate pack inside the main pack (a total of 15 additional packages to open, sort and house in your inventory). Then, when you unpack every color/style, each folder contains this (black bag contents):

While I am obviously thrilled with so many options – open/closed, numerous poses, decor options, etc – the only thing that is HUD driven in the entire fatpack is the scarf HUD. I mean. Holy hell. I am not good at math (which is why I work in marketing IRL) but this is a serious inventory space investment. Worth it? YES UNDOUBTEDLY, but the organized part of me HATES to add this much bulk to my inventory when I am already fighting a losing battle.

I have other small bones to pick about Insol’s BoM body appliers, Lamb’s hair color packs and a sundry other things, but this blog is longer than it deserves to be. The other bones will have to wait for now.


completely predictable

DeuxLooks - completely predictable

It’s completely predictable that my avatar is surrounded by (hairless) cats, wearing a wicked old system skin and back in my LeLutka Korina head. I am nothing if not…well, completely predictable. I really still love this head, even though it’s not one of the Evolution heads. I like to use all the skins in my collection – not just continue to acquire new ones.

If you don’t recognize it, this is The Skinnery Blair, which I doubt is available anymore (but should be remade IMO). Thanks to BoM, I can still wear it on my mesh heads although the toes and fingernails from the body skin obviously do not work at all well on a mesh body. Because Blair is a full skin and not a layer, I can’t wear the newer BoM body skins as that would replace the head too. C’est la (deux) vie!

A couple new items that I should mention about this style. The new Tram hair is lovely and I much prefer it without the bangs; and I was able to pair the new cropped sweater from UFO with a simple jumpsuit that I was waiting to blog in another color. Of course the kitties are the real stars. I am cat-less IRL after the death of my sweet rescue Gabriel this past Spring. I miss him so very much!


drunk face

DeuxLooks - drunk face

I never – ever – ever – thought I would say something like this. “I can’t stop listening to MGK.” But I can’t. I am lost in the new album “Tickets to My Downfall” – it’s streaming for me 24×7. Anyone else? I was keeping this a secret because like, wasn’t he a (pretty bad) rapper? Well, I guess he’s now bringing punk rock back. “Drunk Face” is one of my (many) favorite tracks.

I’m still young, wasting my youth
I’ll grow up next summer

Apropos for me having just celebrated another big-ish birthday and I’m really not that young anymore…but maybe I’ll grow up next summer.