• 100% independent. I cannot be an “official blogger” of anything and blog only on my own schedule. No exceptions.
  • my approach helps me stay engaged and interested in blogging – AND keeps me objective and able to comment on the items or events I cover without influence.
  • interested in being featured? I welcome IMs, LMs and notecards on what your releases are and where to see them. Feel free to drop me a note if you are releasing something you think I would like!
  • deuxlooks includes editorial content. That is, I write, not just show images. I am not a photographer.
  • i mention areas of the product(s) – including pricing – that other shoppers may care about. This category also includes problems or good experiences with customer service, fit and crediting RL designs!
  • minimal image post processing beyond basic cropping, condensing, and resizing.
  • reach out any time in world @Gillian Waldman


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