you should see me in a crown

DeuxLooks - you should see me in a crown

I was inspired to snap this ethereal tiara from Heartsdale Jewelry immediately. I don’t always dress up like a fairy princess but when I do, it’s with a tiara like this one. I couldn’t resist. I am instantly transported back to 9 years old and sure I was going to marry Prince William. The Prince with hair, anyway.

I found this treasure at The Vault, in partnership with Coco Louis. The full event wasn’t set up yet, but I saw lots of tiny trinkets for all the versions of your inner princess.

It looks like it opens for early access later today!


you should see me in a crown

  • Head: lel evox / INEZ 4.0
  • BoM Skin: CocoaMatrix – Alika Skin (Mali)
  • Hair: Stealthic – Woven **@TheFifty**
  • Eyes: AG
  • Tiara: Seraphim Tiara **coming to The Vault**
  • Necklace: (Yummy) Elven Priestess Necklace
  • Petals: LODE Add-on – Bliss Flying Petals