on the move

I’m on the move again this week; just a short stint to NYC. Though it’s a quick trip, it’s a busy one with several significant outfit changes required for various meetings and a dinner. TBH, I wish I had my SL closet IRL sometimes…but with less “stack heap” errors please, whatever those are. Holy hell, my Legacy Perky body seems perpetually cursed?

/rant Want a redelivery? Sorry, we don’t have a simple terminal in our shop. You’ll need to join a chat support group to get one – and then get spammed by everyone else’s redelivery requests for an eternity. And then for a special bonus, we put the “enable BoM” switch – that you need to hit every time you have to set up a new body – on a tab inside the HUD that simply. won’t. load. Like ever. If I didn’t like the body so much – and I really love it – I would go back to Maitreya Petite. /rant

DeuxLooks - on the move

Meanwhile, I’m winding down my top Hair Fair picks with this one from RAON. I usually enjoy this shop’s inventory at Hair Fair but don’t see much outside of that. Am I missing something? I stopped trying to make room for new groups because it turns out, most brands don’t use them for communication much anymore. Every now and then, but not regularly. Joining a group these days seems about as useful as putting a major feature behind an unresponsive HUD page that won’t load reliably…

And with all that sweetness and light, I’ll be back at the weekend.


on the move

  • Head: lel evox / INEZ 4.0
  • Eyes: AG Supermodel **@Anthem**
  • BoM Skin: tres beau – zahra skin **@Dubai**
  • Hair: RAONHair Zoe Blonde 02 **@Hair Fair** through June 16
  • Earrings: YORKE- Jolene Earrings
  • Jacket/Tee: (fd) Classic Denim Jacket
  • Skirt: (fd) Crinkle Boho Skirt
  • Bag: [WAZ] Lanyard Handbag (Beige)
  • Ring: [POM] Cerys Ring
  • Socks/Kicks: Addams // Kiki Sneakers