me and my girl

DeuxLooks - me and my girl

Have I ever mentioned the time I adopted a rooster named, “Punky B Rooster” IRL? It’s 100% true. I rescued, adopted, transported him in the back of my car – nestled in his little cardboard crate with straw – and then hand-delivered him to my sister out in the suburbs where she had a whole flock of “her girls” – aka chickens. Punky lived a long-ish, happy life amongst his girls until he passed away peacefully a couple years ago. It turns out you can adopt all kinds of farm animals at local city shelters, as long as you have a good home to bring them to.

In honor of Punky, I had to adopt in SL too. My girl here is super chic, an absolute icon tbh, and totally unafraid to accessorize. My thanks to NeutralTones for making her available at Equal10. Me and “Chaylor” are already BFF.

IRL, I am off to take my niece on a post-graduation trip to her chosen tropical island. I’ll be back next weekend.


me and my girl

  • Head: LeLutka Inez 4.0
  • BoM Skin: LXN YUCHEN EVOX – Chantilly
  • Eyes: AG
  • Hair: RAON Hair Cecile Mesh Bun
  • Hat: (NO) Story Hat – All Colors **@Collabor88**
  • Earrings: (Yummy) Layered Coin Necklace Earrings (ALL) **@Collabor88**
  • Necklace: (Yummy) Layered Coin Necklace**@Collabor88**
  • Necklace 2: [Z O O M] Myanmar Pearl Necklace
  • Bikini Top: YasumPerkyMilly-Top
  • Skirt: [spectacledchic] Jesse Midi Skirt (legacy) **@Collabor88**
  • Boots: $NT Western Boots
  • Chicken: $NT Fashion Chickens **@Equal10**