Layering in the Summer

Layering in the summer is almost unheard of. But, it can be done. It can even be done in Second Life, where it’s significantly harder to layer effectively due to meshes and sizing.

DeuxLooks - layering

For regular readers, if you saw this pleated skirt from Tetra @Uber, you had to know I was going to go nuts for it. Indeed, it’s like it was made just for me. However, it wasn’t. Either way, I adore it. Go buy it – and buy the fatpack while you’re at it. So many ways to wear and good for virtually every season.

Growing on Me

DeuxLooks - layering

I am wearing LAQ Trinity again here and it’s beginning to feel more like “me” thanks to Glam Affair appliers, new @Uber. It may have gone unnoticed, but I have actually settled on “me” in terms of a mesh head, after literally owning close to every single one available on the grid -_- . Needless to say, of course I will still blog so many others – like LAQ here (which has grown on me so much, it’s a contender for “meshhead me”) – but I suspect I will default to “meshhead me” as I always did with skins from Celestial Studios’ Vogue back in the day, for example.

Random Musings from an SL Oldbie

Incidentally, I wonder what Starley would be making now if she were still playing SL. She made the most amazing skins and tbh, she could be killing it if she were here. Yes, that is hyperbole, but it’s completely warranted IMO. You other oldbies know I’m right! I miss Starley and I miss my Vogue skins. My most happy days in SL the first time around were very directly tied to what Starley made, but that’s a long story for another time.

DeuxLooks - layering

Above are other available Omega based appliers for LAQ, out now, from Glam Affair at K9 too.


  • Head: LAQ Trinity
  • Applier: Glam Affair Petra (Jamaica) *@Uber* and Meredith (various) *@K9*
  • Hair: Tram C429 (b)
  • Necklace: Minimal Aimee (rose gold) *@Shiny Shabby*
  • Jacket: erratic anya (white)
  • Corset: ryvolter Sofi Scalloped Corset (creme)
  • Skirt: Tetra Pleated Skirt *@Uber*
  • Boots: Vale Koer Libellule Suede Heels *@Uber*
  • Tote: ISON scout boho bag


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