Welcome Back

DeuxLooks - welcome back

You may recall the beauty brand, Milan. I was a HUGE fan of her dark skins in particular and darker skins are something that so few creators get right in my experience. Milan’s best offerings were – IMO – for the pre-Bento heads from fiore. Speaking of which…damn I miss those. I would LOVE a bento head version of Precious!

DeuxLooks - welcome back

Anywayyyyyy, I stopped wearing/blogging Milan skins when she dramatically changed the pricing strategy. But I’m happy to say Milan is back – now as Boheme – and the price for the first new applier is back in line with the rest of the market. This is Duckie – a remake of a skin for GENUS heads. It’s obviously a very dark skin – and IMO – it’s especially beautiful in the darkest tones.

DeuxLooks - welcome back

Duckie is obviously a very realistic look. I actually wasn’t sure what I thought about it until I got to try the darker shades in the demo. But then I realized, so few creators make realistic dark skins and I have been wearing fair tones for almost 2 years straight since the pricing changes and since OVH disappeared.

So, welcome back to all the realistic, dark skins that I hope we will enjoy from Boheme. This first available applier is $900L and contains an eyebrow/no-eyebrow option per tone.


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