Not Exactly

DeuxLooks - not exactly

I’m back from London where it was gorgeous all week long (note, I left Thursday and I hear it’s crappy today). Sunny, Spring-like and sparkling. I had a great trip! I arrived back in Boston Thursday afternoon post snowstorm. Not exactly what I would want to come home to.

DeuxLooks - not exactly

Similarly, I visited Uber when I logged in to SL this morning, anxious to find some interesting pieces to spark some creativity in my style blog. What did I find? Not exactly what I had hoped in the fashion department. I saw at least 3 new outfits based on – or featuring – bike shorts. -_- Do you remember my list of trends that should die? So, this round was not exactly what I was hoping to see at this point in SL fashion. Are these truly still popular in SL? *boggle*

On the other hand, I found a great new skin from Insol and trousers from ISON (among a few other things I will blog later). Those were exactly was I was looking for and needing. Cheers to that!