Un classique

DeuxLooks - un classique

When I was just coming back to SL and to blogging a few years ago, Mon Tissu was just leaving. I did a little farewell post back then because even though I missed most of their heyday all the years I was gone, I caught the clearance sale. Now, Mon Tissu has returned with Emma Gilmour and Julliette Westerburg as a duo once again.

I follow Emma Gilmour’s RL instagram (she’s an influencer and an artist), and let me just say how absolutely rich and scrumptious her photos and stories always are. I actually discovered my favorite french shop – Sezane – through her. I won’t link her Instagram here as I don’t have permission to, but many of you probably already follow her!

The Mon Tissu inventory released at Fameshed is limited but of the quality you would expect from both creators. It’s most similar to current Tres Blah items but I would think that will shift as Emma gets ramped back up on new technologies in SL. Incidentally, I didn’t pick up the kicks as I already have pairs I love from Bleich and others, and tbh, I don’t wear athletic shoes all that much in SL. I am really hoping that they release some great new accessories (clutches plz!!) in particular!

I look forward to future releases from Mon Tissu. I hope they’ll put a main shop in as well because that would just be a feast for our eyes. But for now, you can shop the premier inventory at this month’s round of Fameshed.


ps – I like to shop from the cam sim because I find the current Fameshed build very claustrophobic!