That 70s vibe

DeuxLooks - that 70s vibe

I didn’t mean to make this a 70s look but it does appear to have gone that way. I can’t say that the 70s hold much allure for me from a historical fashion perspective, but here we are and I’m actually into it! My dress is new from Emery available @ Uber. You can’t change the metals on the belt, so I’m mixing silver and gold here in a way I normally wouldn’t. Meh!

DeuxLooks - that 70s vibe

I actually planned – and still plan – to do a post on all the new skins I love from Glam Affair for my Korina head. I hear comments sometimes, “they all look the same” but to me, not at all and I’ll show you what I mean on the same shape (mine). So yes, I’m back on my GA kick.

Also, Truth changed his textures and I’m not thrilled (yet). The browns are all far too warm for me – and I miss the Multitone 1 pack. Perhaps it’s coming back? I do very much like the built in hairbase. That’s pretty perfect.

Have a good week!