Fresh Face

DeuxLooks - fresh face

This fresh face is courtesy of Clef de Peau. In fact, it’s the skin that made me fall in love with Korina to start (different tone, natch), and I haven’t taken her off for very long since. You can see my shape has evolved since that first day for sure.

DeuxLooks - fresh face

Not much else that I am featuring is super new although my shoes and hair are relatively recent, I guess. It’s hard to know what “new” is in SL when there are hundreds of releases every day at dozens of events. 1 week? 1 day? You tell me. It’s all new to me unless I have worn it before and then as you know, I love a good restyle. Regardless, the high quality top is courtesy of Teefy and you can find all the rest of the credits in the usual spots below.

Have you been to Uber yet? I haven’t just yet but will head over today if I have time. It’s supposed to rain IRL so it might be more of a nerd day for me and those are always super fun and indulgent 😉