Fresh Peach

DeuxLooks - fresh peach

I am sick (in May!) so I am feverish and completely forgot that C88 opened today (yesterday by the time I post this). I did check out the inventory though, and I am happy to say that most of what I am interested in are skins and accessories. I have SO MANY great things to blog (including this fresh peach look), I really didn’t need any more clothing tbh. What I need more of however, are skins – LeLutka skins specifically.

DeuxLooks - fresh peach

I have been going through all my LeLutka skin appliers to see which ones I like on my Korina head. As it turns out, there are several so far that I think really work – and work even better on the newer head. This is one of them from Pink Fuel. If you have the time, I recommend a pass through your older favorites to see which ones still work on Korina.

Note, if you are thinking about this hair from Exile, it conflicts with ANY eye makeup or lashes on my Korina head. As you can see here, I am completely bare to deal with it in the closeup. Annoying to say the least.

I am leaving Sunday for a long business trip so I will likely be scarce for a while. I will try to get a few more in before I leave!