This didn’t go as planned

DeuxLooks - this didn't go as planned
This didn’t go as planned

I started out with such high hopes for this whole look, but it just didn’t go as planned. These trousers – part of a Dami (????) surf (????) gacha at Kustom9 – were supposed to be a bit crisper; and they were supposed to have a hide-able belt (at least in my my mind). I love the idea – but I have to be honest, my pulls just didn’t look as good as I wanted. My style savior became these shoes – a surprise hit in a mostly miss event round for me.

LeLutka Powder Pack Feb 2020

I plan (maybe) to do an in-depth look at the newest LeLutka Powder Pack, which is made up of items for your new Evolution heads. OR, for your Origins heads, as long as you use the layers provided. I heard a rumor that my Korina head may be upgraded to Evolution, which will make me the absolute happiest elf ever (have I not mentioned my ears IRL?). I really hope this rumor is true!


ps – yes, my necklace is the initial “B” which could stand for buttercup (my hebrew nickname) or it could stand for Banana Poundcake, which I would love to eat but won’t. Or it could just mean I got sick of paying $L for a stupid Gacha waiting for a “G”