Stupid Cupid

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Stupid Cupid

I skated right by Valentine’s Day, as I do. The only remnants of that day – that either makes people feel pressured or lonely – are my heart accessories, old inventory. Now, we can look forward to better “holidays” like…Purim? Friday the 13th? The Ides of March? Well, anyway, let’s just move forward.

So yes, this is not my normal aesthetic. But I am a sucker for peach – even when it’s 20 degrees outside, which it is. Just ignore that it’s a dress style that isn’t usually my jam. I tried to find trousers to pair with it but then just gave up and fell in line -_-

Lotus Bon Voyage Eyes

I have to mention my eyes really quickly. These are from a random gacha from Lotus at Access. I went back and clicked that machine about 10 times. I had to have as many as possible. Look at these beautiful, watery orbs of perfection. I mean…mwahh *chef’s kiss*

I am off to the beach this weekend. Not to sunbathe obviously, but to visit my parents who live down there. I like to make them dinner on the weekends 😀


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