Blazers and Bodysuits

DeuxLooks - blazers and bodysuits

Did anyone notice the plethora of blazers at this round of Collabor88? My haul was almost 100% blazers and bodysuits – and yet here I am blogging a look that is decisively neither.

TBH, I will take ANYTHING over the typical “slutwear” or lingerie that SL creators seem to sell the most. Seriously though, I LOVE what I hauled from C88. I don’t say that about events very often, but when I do, it’s usually C88 because it’s just the best group of quality creators all in one place. For as long as I have been back in SL.

Back to the current style. I couldn’t resist the delicate puffy sleeves and vinyl bottoms. If you enjoy trying something different that you might not wear IRL, this is a fun one. I can think of some better quality items that are super fun and creative but I cannot think of another recent release that propelled me as fast to the “buy” button as fast as this one did. I enjoyed!

Next up, maybe I will blog a blazer…or a bodysuit 😮


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