Off Duty

DeuxLooks - offduty

I’ve been pretty much offduty this week and my outfit reflects that. IRL I have been working from home in my jammies a lot – and in SL, I’m casual, sporting a t-shirt and some ankle boots that I decided to keep on despite the exaggerated profile, which really isn’t my style. Not really sure what I was thinking tbh lol.

DeuxLooks - offduty

But, I definitely knew what I was thinking with my skin and hair. This is the darker tone of “Ginny” I blogged here. My messy, casual hairstyle is from [monso] which I normally don’t wear much but I really enjoy this particular hair color, which is available I think only in the Mixed pack. For those of you older avatars out there, it’s reminiscent of ETD’s original Smoke texture – my all time favorite wayyy, wayyyy back many moons ago. ETD, as you hopefully know, became Elikatira – and the original smoke texture was retired, but this is pretty close!

Missing Elika around SL these days but always keeping her in my heart and thoughts!