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Honestly this blog is a little bit of a (rare) complaint. Feel free to skip right to the credits and ignore it…it’s just, while I was styling this I went to check out a couple items and stumbled upon one of my pet peeves and felt compelled to write about it. But don’t let that take away from this cute look, led by my my skin, which is another from the newest LeLutka Powder Pack and I am finally wearing one of the blazers I hauled at the beginning of the month. Finally.

But anyway…

Here’s what I think about your $L Demos

So about $1L demos. Personally, I find them “grabby” and generally off-putting. I normally completely ignore any product that charges to demo. No, I have not done the research into why people charge for demos. I don’t care to. If you want my money, please allow me to try the product with no strings attached.

So there is a skin at Shiny Shabby for LeLutka Evolution heads that looked so lovely in the ad. Naturally, as a LeLutka bot, I wanted to try it. Would it work on my Korina head? Let’s demo and see. Ohhhhh, you want me to PAY you to try, then pay you again if I like it. But if I don’t like it, you get paid for your time and resources (over and over, as dozens of consumers try it presumably) and I get…the feeling that I have been had.

Yes, it’s only $1L but it’s absurd. Isn’t the work good enough to provide a free demo? By the way, I did, in fact, pay my $1L and try the skin. It didn’t work on my Korina head because it’s made for the new line of Evolution heads. No harm, no foul, it was still very nice – but not wearable for me. But the lasting impressions? I am turned off this brand.

Am I being ridiculous?

Yeah. Kinda 😉


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