Talk about a restyle

DeuxLooks - talk about a restyle

I’m not shy about restyling a lot of what’s in my collection. If I don’t restyle it, it shouldn’t be in my inventory at all. But when I got these jeans (4?) years ago, I definitely wouldn’t have thought they would still be the ONLY wide-leg jeans worth restyling in my inventory all these years later. These were only sold in classic xs, s, m, etc sizes. Hi, welcome to 2019, jeans that I won’t delete until something better comes along! When will something better come along?

DeuxLooks - talk about a restyle

At the other end of my avatar, another of my “best of 2018” items was definitely my unexpected love of LAQ heads and skins. Who would have thunk it? But it’s true. Next to LeLutka Simone, my avatar feels most “me” in LAQ Rebel and LAQ skins. This particular skin is/was a group gift available in all LAQ tones. I believe it’s called Joline.

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