SL Fashion Trends That Should Die in 2019

DeuxLooks - sl trends that should die

I’m usually pretty upbeat when it comes to flipping the switch on a new year. Especially in terms of fashion. But this year, I decided to gather up some of the most horrendous “trends” in SL fashion/beauty and commit them to the grave. Who’s with me?

Die, please

  1. Bicycle Shorts – Please stop with this particular strain of athletic wear. They don’t look good on anyone IRL either unless they’re on an actual bike and even then, not often.
  2. Peekaboob – The dresses that expose one boob for no apparent reason. Those can go away any day now.
  3. Morphs – Why put a product meant for use in SL in an ad that doesn’t even feature an actual SL avatar?
  4. Rattan Bags – I wish to never see another in SL (or IRL) ever. The fact that I have a folder JUST for these, is a crime.
  5. Logorama – Large logos IRL are tacky and in SL, they’re tacky AND silly.
  6. Quarter shirts/sweaters – The most pointless piece of clothing ever.
DeuxLooks - sl trends that should die

On the other hand, everything I’m wearing represents trends I would like to see again and again. Thank goodness for the creators who I vibe with personally. Many of the items I am using are restyled as favorites from 2018 (trousers, boots, hair, collar, makeups, etc.). I’m also wearing my new LeLutka Piper head with a shape that feels much more comfortable. However, if history is any judge I’ll probably reach for Simone the next time I wear LeLutka…

Happy New Year to you and yours!


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