Skin Pick: Skin Fair 2020

DeuxLooks - skin pick from skin fair 2020

This is my first pick from Skin Fair 2020, 2 full sims of skins and makeups for your favorite mesh heads. I absolutely recommend you make several trips – one to get your demos; two to make first choice purchases; and three to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Skin Fair runs until March 29 and is produced by Pale Girl Productions.


DeuxLooks - skin pick from skin fair 2020

This first skin is Rina from Poema by Matilda Soon, a creator I have followed in one way or another for a really long time. Poema offers what I would call authentic, more “age appropriate” skins – among other realistic skins and cosmetics. My favorite part of Rina (in T0) are the chiseled cheekbones. A feature I desperately try for IRL by sucking in my baby fat (can I still call it that?) cheeks. I just love the look. Note that while the skin does come with eyebrows in two shades and a no brow version, I am still very much into my favorites from [SB].

I am wearing this tattoo layer on my LeLutka Korina head. I really did not like the new Evolution Lake head from LeLutka that’s available at Skin Fair and I am still not attached to my new Evolution Erin or Nova heads…so there’s that.

One note, I did not buy body appliers for this skin because I found them to be very overpriced. Instead I chose a body skin that didn’t look ridiculous and added a collar, which I then negated by choosing the first pose that very clearly shows you the neck seam -_- LOL

The rest of my outfit is listed as usual in the credits. Back soon! And I hope you all are well and are staying well.