I Remember

DeuxLooks - I remember

I remember the last time I wore anything from ufo. I absolutely LOVED this sweater/skirt combo. This was back before fitted mesh so while I still have all of the colors, they’re all in size small, which actually drowns my current avatar. I still don’t delete them, somehow hoping that the creator would come back and update them. Instead, ufo seems to be back – and they put out a dress I just love. I didn’t haul much from this round of C88, but this – and another dress – were must haves for me.

Switching gears, I have received a bunch of notes asking if I plan to blog Skin Fair 2020. I have already been – and left with a couple hundred demos and purchased items. Some of the creators were not yet set up so I don’t have everything yet. I will be going through my haul and picking my faves slowly, so don’t be expecting a big Skin Fair post as it launches.

However, I think you will all be delighted with what’s there and encourage you to check it out. I am almost tempted to switch back to a Genus head because of so many beautiful skins for that platform in particular.