she’s so fake nice

DeuxLooks - fake nice

I am listening obsessively to a playlist from one of my favorite rom-coms (kind of) on Netflix, “Someone Great.” It’s silly and pretty light, but somehow so satisfyingly good – or maybe it’s just the music. Saturdays and Fake Nice are two of my favorite tracks. Recommend!

I also recommend this realistic, beautiful skin from Moccino. Oh. My. I see my real self in it so much…freckles, the beginnings of some smile lines, slightly too much sun (this tone, anyway). Love it so much. And love that it made me want to log in and style, which I’ve done with a sundress that’s been patiently waiting as I slowly move through the aforementioned never-ending sinkhole that is my “to blog” folder.

My hair is new from Lamb and seriously reminds me of a hairstyle that was absolutely viral forever ago in SL. The long gone hair shop name completely escapes me now! It wasn’t Armidi (remember them?) But it was around that time! It’s driving me crazy that I can’t remember.


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