Sashaying to my own song

sashaying to my own song2

It’s no secret that my favorite way to dress in both lives is to mix my look up but stay true to my core style. Mixed textures, mixed tones, all of it. We all definitely sashay to our own fashion songs, which makes personal style maybe the most accessible way to assert our individuality on a daily basis, regardless of budget. Today I’m mixing up some items that I really loved but have been waiting to wear, with some items that are completely new. It’s always worth the wait.

sashaying to my own song - DeuxLooks

Happy Fall (she says on the hottest day of the year in Boston, lol!). I hope this gives you some ideas for how to reuse some items you may have in your inventory in new ways!

  • Body: Belleza Isis
  • Eyes: [buzz]
  • Skin: Belleza Amber (Uber Med 06)
  • Cheeks: Tuli
  • Beauty Marks: Tuli


  • Hair/Hat: Little Bones Spectre (browns) *new @ Collabor88*
  • Necklace: Yummy Dreamcatcher (gold)
  • Top: vive nine Yuma Asymmetric Model Bra (nude) *new @ Uber*
  • Trousers: Shai Women’s Sash Belted Trousers (navy) *new @ Collabor88*
  • Clutch: Zenith Vintage Leather Clutch (choco)
  • Heels: Candy Doll Sasha (Belleza – Brown)


  • Hair/Hat: Tableau Vivant Scarlett (basics)
  • Necklace: (fd) Ribbon Necklace (white)
  • Jacket: Rowne Minou Leather Jacket
  • Skirt: Pixicat Dusk Skirt (black) *new @ Collabor88*
  • Clutch: Milk Motion Box Clutch (black)
  • Heels: Reign Breakup Pumps (Belleza – fatpack)


  • Hair: Moon Eleven 11
  • Scarf: S&S Soopascarf (cotton)
  • Sweater: ufo Back Tie Ribbon Sweater (navy) *new @ Collabor88*
  • Pants: ryvolter Karo Satin Culottes (grey)
  • Briefcase: Deadwool Shawn Working Bag (blue)
  • Ring: LaGyo Layered Rings (10) *new @ TCF*
  • Heels: Veronica Platforms (Belleza – grey)