Of Body Applier Updates

L’etre has a new Fiore applier out called, “Medusa.” Perhaps an odd name choice for a gorgeous new applier. But when I saw the previews, I immediately had to try her (shown in Golden tone).

DeuxLooks: of body applier updates and other thoughts

I have been wearing several L’etre appliers lately and have been really enjoying the wonderfully diverse selection. I do mean wonderful and I do mean diverse. It’s great to see such range from another popular SL skin artist.

Body applier updates?

However, you may recall I also had issues with the L’etre body appliers in terms of texture quality, particularly on the neck area. Issues like these can really detract from your overall look, especially for blogging. So, when I saw that L’etre had updated their mesh body appliers, I shot over to the main shop to get my Maitreya appliers redelivered. To my disappointment, the new body appliers are not updates at all, but are new versions.


Now to be clear, the V4.0 appliers have two new cleavage options, which is presumably why they’re not considered updates. However, the textures around the neck are significantly improved and they needed to be. IMO when a customer has already paid for a product and an improvement is released – in this case the base applier – then the base applier should be updated. But instead, if you want clearer textures, you will have to pay once again. It is not the $L amount I object to. It is the principal of paying multiple times for a tone I already paid for.

And that is my $.02L.


[UPDATES – I recently learned that this creator has been accused of stealing other creators’ content. Based on the evidence I have seen, I agree. As a result, I have since deleted all previous skin purchases from L’etre.]

  • Head: fiore Precious
  • Applier: L’etre Medusa (Golden) *new* shown with lip colors (for purchase separately)
  • Hair: Murray Sharon
  • Hair: Elikatira Poppy *@Hairology*
  • Necklace: Black Bantam Pearls & Metal Choker
  • Stole: Coco Fur_Stole
  • Bodysuit: OVH Mini Body (marsala and rose – for Maitreya only)
  • Skirt: OVH Lola Skirt (blue)



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