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Editorial: Unfinished

Do you recognize this skin? If you’re a fan of LeLutka heads, you probably do. You might even own it if you attended Skin Fair earlier this year. If you’re a regular reader, you might also know that it’s one of my (top three easily) favorite skin appliers in my entire inventory. That’s one out of a wholeeee lot. Of.… Read more →

Editorial: Real Talk about Mesh Heads

I feel a bit like someone who was just let in on a joke that the whole grid already knew. No, really. This is how it feels when you find out that most everyoneeeeeeeeeeeeee (a scientific unit of measure) prefers mesh heads from Catwa, and therefore creators mostly put out skin appliers for Catwa heads, as opposed to my (obvious)… Read more →

Editorial: My change of heart…

I’ve had a little change of heart re: subscription boxes. Well sort of and sometimes. Let me explain. I don’t really subscribe in general to subscription boxes in SL. I have tried Luxe Box (fun to unbox; some great content; good price) and now I have tried Powder Pack (for LeLutka only). I have also spent a lot of time… Read more →

Of Body Applier Updates

L’etre has a new Fiore applier out called, “Medusa.” Perhaps an odd name choice for a gorgeous new applier. But when I saw the previews, I immediately had to try her (shown in Golden tone). I have been wearing several L’etre appliers lately and have been really enjoying the wonderfully diverse selection. I do mean wonderful and I do mean… Read more →

That’s what I like

In general, I don’t often purchase mesh head appliers that are priced over ~$1,000L. Unless they come with options for tones, eyebrows, or makeups, there is very little reason to spend that much IMO. In fact, I have pretty much completely stopped supporting brands where I think the price is out of line with the rest of the market –… Read more →

Editorial: For the Fashion Obsessed

I am sure many of my fellow bloggers are RL fashionistas too? I know I have been labeled a bit obsessed IRL, but fashion and beauty, in terms of personal expression, are two of my great passions. One of the joys of being all grown up is being able to explore and indulge my interests full on. Though some covet… Read more →

That Face

I made my shape in 2006. Obviously I have made some tweaks to it over the years, but not much actually since I came back. I was always a petite avatar, in a sea of glamazons back in 2006 – 2008. Am I attached to my face and shape in SL? Yes, of course. Gillian in SL is an extension… Read more →