Editorial: What the Market will Bear

catwa jessica demo

There’s more movement in the mesh head market with a surprise (to me) new entrant – Catwa. The Jessica mesh head is at a bit of a higher price point than other heads so you’re not going to see it everywhere, at least to start. I have tried the demo (above) and like it quite a lot, so it’s something I would like to eventually own. Strawberry Singh did a great overview of the head, and since she’s a photographer, the expressions built in are fun and useful for her photos. For me, they’re not something I look for in a mesh head and don’t plan on using at all so I would LOVE to see a Jessica that has only simple mouth/eyes open/closed options for a lower price point. The appliers I am demoing are from Essences available at Cosmopolitan, and are just one of MANY that are available for this pretty mesh head.

open and honest2

Now on to the crux of the editorial. I really liked the Eve mesh head from EVEolution when I reviewed it all the way back when. I recently went in search of some appliers for it to extend its wear – even though there hasn’t been an update to this beta head in several months. I found one set in particular that I really liked – from DS’ELLES. The only problem was, the appliers were $1200L+. They come in a chosen tone (I am showing Colorado) with 4 eyebrow color options. There are no other makeup choices at all so you’re essentially painting the head one way. I happen to really like the one makeup – I mean, I bought the appliers – but with the lack of options, the appliers should IMO cost more like $500-700L. Similar pricing models to The Skinnery and other leading brands.

My Bottom Line

The truth is that while the artist sets the price as they see it, the consumer has a say in what the market will bear. I bought the appliers because I wanted to wear the head again and I liked these appliers more than others I have seen elsewhere. It’s just one example; there are tons of items I would like to try out and maybe even blog about, but in most cases, I resist when I see a pricing model that isn’t in line with the market. At that point, I either move on – or in this case, I buy them anyway and think about things like “what will the market bear?”




  • Head: EVEolution head #2 Beta
  • Appliers: DS’ELLES Mathilde (colorado)
  • Eyes: Mudskin
  • Lashes: MC Falsies
  • Necklace: Kunglers Anais Necklace (white) *new @ Cosmopolitan*
  • Jacket: COCO Military Jacket Navy w/striped top *new @ Shiny Shabby*