it’s about that time

DeuxLooks - it's about that time

It’s about that time, isn’t it? Let’s pumpkin spice all the things and get our prairie chic on. When else can you wear a cropped blouse with a light scarf and a bias skirt with boots? Fall is rushing in, at least here in Boston. This is my favorite time of the year! It’s true, I don’t feel quite as energized about it this year…but it’s still the best fashion season of all time. I don’t want to miss it!

But I am am missing many releases in SL. I spend so much time away right now, that I really rely on my Flickr and a good scan through Seraphim to streamline my shopping and prioritize. Please bear with me! After the cut, I explain a little bit about why I need to spend so much time away right now.