I’d like to wear your shoes but…

Unless they can be worn with my Maitreya Lara body, I am less likely to wear them these days.


That doesn’t mean I don’t love the look of them! It just means that I have settled on Maitreya Lara as my primary mesh body of choice. For several reasons, most notably:

1. I wear Glam Affair skins very often (I literally feel like Sia is the real me!) and this is the body that is standard for Glam Affair

2. Best Alpha system for the widest variety of clothing

3. Easiest HUD!

4. Regular updates (there have already been 3 updates since I bought it)


coffee and cream


I own all three leading mesh bodies on the market and I like them all (also, if you wear Belleza skins like I do, you really have to use Venus with those to best fit your skintones), but with limited time, I don’t want to fiddle with different feet. I want to have everything match, everything line up and everything just work! I also prefer not to maintain x number of skin appliers for every type of different foot imaginable for every skin I wear. It’s complicated to get dressed the more you have to switch in and out!


So now, all that is missing are more shoes to work with my most-worn body. I loveeeee so many of my shoes that fit with my Slink feet, but I just prefer not to switch everything out every time I want to change.


Like these….I LOVE shoes from Eudora! Please make them for Maitreya and Venus so I can wear them more often!




So for now, unless the shoes and boots can work with different bodies, I may unfortunately have to pass.


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