fresh start

DeuxLooks - fresh start
fresh face

This is about as simple as it gets. Sundress, ponytail, fresh face for a fresh start. I love this new pinafore style from Thalia Heckroth. The best color – a bright, screaming pink – is only available in the fatpack. Cruel world. My skin is absolutely delightful – completely fresh faced – from Bold & Beauty.

fresh body update

So the other day I noticed all these “Maitreya Petite” sizes in my inventory. I don’t remember hearing or seeing anything about this. How did they get there? Somehow – when I was away, maybe? – Maitreya released an update to the Lara body and introduced the new Petite add-on. I am sorry I missed all the fanfare – assuming there was any. It made me pretty happy tbh.

So now, I have happily updated to Lara 5.2 for a fresh start (somehow I had moles on my previous body that seemed to transcend any body skin applier) and will absolutely, positively be giving the Petite add-on a try as well. Finally, I can have an avatar without implants!! Remind me to update my Evolution heads too, please!