When you’re trying on skins, you actually want to see what they look like. When it’s not a brand you’re familiar with, this is the most important thing.

While grabbing a bazillion demos at Skin Fair, I am trying – most for the first time – skins from brands I do not own. I want to see what each one looks like….obviously.

There are very good, clear demos…

izzies demo


and wtf? demos….sorry but I can’t see it properly enough to buy it >.<

ooYuki demo

I *think* it’s cute but I really can’t tell. Lips and eyes are soooo important to be able to look clearly at, as they’re the focal points of any skin.

Good demos can also include protective watermarks but where you can still see the features. To be clear, I understand why the protective measures are there; I am just saying that from a consumer perspective, I can’t buy anything I can’t actually examine properly.

On most of the demos I tried, I can mostly tell what they will look like but sometimes the textures underneath are fuzzy (particularly on the lips) so I don’t know if that’s because of the watermarks or the actual skin textures. In other words, if things don’t look crisp on the demo, I am not buying them.  If you’re judging from others’ photos and/or ads, consider how much post-processing might have been done before you buy. In other words, clear skin demos are super important!

Your mileage may vary.





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