What’s on the list?

DeuxLooks - on the list

These days I am usually so short on time that I find it easier to make a list of things that I’m interested in checking out in-world before I log on. Of course this week is even busier because Hair Fair 2019 is imminent! Important: you can try on all the demos from Hair Fair by joining the Demo Group. It’s a great way to get your list together before you TP to the event. Do it!

DeuxLooks - on the list

So in addition to prep for Hair Fair, here’s what’s on my list for the week:

  • Michan lashes (for LeLutka) @Access
  • Euphoric eyes (for Genus) @Accesshttps://flic.kr/p/2gVtvzS
  • Revisit Collabor88 to check out the ruffle dress from Rowne
  • New hair @Truth
  • Quick look at Belle (since it’s not on Seraphim and I have no idea what’s there)
  • Swing by Equal10 if there’s time
  • Declutter hair I no longer wear to make room for the DELUGE from Hair Fair 2019