Hair Fair 2019

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Hair Fair 2019 Favorite

For the first time in YEARS, I missed the HF2019 blogger preview due to some unexpected travel. But now that I’m back, I am going to work through my Hair Fair 2019 favorites – and tbh, it’s a bit of a different haul for me. For maybe the first time ever, I walked away with So. Many. Accessories. And not as much actual hair. Weird but wonderful!

But let me do a quick start with one of my absolute favorites – maybe even #1 favorite – from the new hair offerings available. This one from Analog Dog. This is a brand I have known forever but isn’t one I wear often or…ever (I never see the brand anywhere!). Octave is absolute perfection if you’re looking for textured curls. It literally bounces when your avatar moves. It’s just the best I saw at the whole Fair! You can find this specific style on the Noirette sim.

Don’t miss Hair Fair 2019! You can do all your pre-work with demos before you even TP over (which I highly recommend). Bring a full wallet. This is for Wigs for Kids and we know how important hair is to a person’s confidence!