Too Much is Never Enough

too much is never enough

Be honest. How many times do you wear your hairs in Second Life on average? For me, I wear my favorites over and over and over, as evidenced by the last year of blogging. But between hairs and shoes in Second life, too much is never enough. I am a certified “shoe whore” IRL and a “hair whore” in Second Life 😉 Elika of course proliferates this quality in me. But I am OK with that!

too much is never enough - DeuxLooks

In addition to all the new hair (and there is so much more that I will have to wear another day), I am wearing new Catwa appliers from Glam Affair and Belleza. So now all of my favorite skinners have appliers out for a head I really like. This makes me extremely happy and I know I am really getting my money’s worth because I have a ton of choices. PS, that weird mark on my neck is my own shadows. I got sick of relogging, sorry!

too much is never enough - DeuxLooks

It’s remarkable how different the head looks with different skins. And I cannot tell you how happy I am that I can finally wear a mesh head that I love with appliers from Belleza. The Keira appliers have options for eyebrows, lips, eye makeups and freckles. So well done. Absolutely love them.

too much is never enough - DeuxLooks

The Glam Affair appliers have options for eyebrows but are much less expensive and equally well done, of course.

  • Head: Catwa Jessica *new*
  • Ears: Mandala Steking
  • Lashes: Izzie’s


  • Appliers: Glam Affair Mona (Asia) *new @ Kustom9*
  • Hair: [e] Katharine *new @ Mesh Avenue*
  • Sweater: Pixicat Cozy Sweater (bright) *new @ Kustom9*
  • Jeans: COCO Wide Leg Jeans (dark)
  • Shoes: Penny Janes (creme)
  • Rings: LaGyo Ludovica Double Ring
  • Bag: Zenith Painting Bag (beige) *new @ Kustom9*


  • Appliers: Belleza Keira (medium) *new*
  • Hair: [e] Miya *new @ Shiny Shabby 10/20*
  • Stole: Zenith Vintage Fur Muffler
  • Necklace: Mandala Choker (princess)
  • Dress: Rowne Odiele Leather Dress (cobalt)
  • Ring: Mandala Princess Dogtag
  • Shoes: Opal Heels (wine – Belleza)


Other hairs shown