DeuxLooks - thundersnow!??!!

If you’re in the Eastern US, you know that there is a “storm of the century” type thing happening today. In Boston we are expecting 2.5 feet or more of snow, very high winds, and spots of the rare occurrence of thundersnow!!!??!! Good grief. The power is still on (*crossing all fingers and paws*) so I took the opportunity to put together my “thundersnow” look, featuring items probably better suited for Valentine’s Day. But let’s do it now. Just in case.

DeuxLooks - thundersnow!??!!

I’m wearing a new hat and hair combo from my fave, Elika. Libi is out for FLF and look how frigging cute it is!!! Clearly this was an opportunity for me to pair the heart earflaps with a heart clasp on my bag from DDL. I have never been able to resist overdoing something. Seemed like a good day to do it again.

I am going to try to finish this up and get it posted before the power goes out! Hopefully, I’m rushing for nothing but holy hell, it’s a ferocious blizzard right this moment. Back soon!


  • Head: lel EvoX INEZ 3.1
  • BoM Skin: DeeTaleZ Skin Alexa
  • Hat/Hair: ELIKATIRA Libi **new for FLF**
  • Blouse: Bauhaus Giulia Shirt / Petite – White **@Uber**
  • Trousers: [DAMI] Back To Basic *C6
  • Boots: Eudora3D Ezra Boots
  • Bag: [DDL] Nice **@Access**
  • Ring: (Yummy) Duchess Ring