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Date Night

I don’t have a date tonight on the global “date night” of Saturday night. But if I did… I would be wearing something like these, assuming I had somewhere pretty fabulous to go and a fabulous guy to go with 😉 Both hairs I am wearing are new and stunning from Elikatira and the lips I am wearing with my… Read more →

Summertime in Earnest

Summertime seems to have arrived in earnest now. And with it, sunny colors, easy fits and more relaxed fashion. The artists of Collabor88 June responded in kind with some of the most colorful, whimsical offerings. Personally I think many people will be most excited by the many great hairs from Elikatira, Exile and others, and most especially, the new dress… Read more →


I started down this path somewhat yesterday, but I do believe I have reached the point – surprised as I am – that I really do prefer mesh heads to standard AV heads, in snapshots anyway. They just allow for much sharper features with no post processing, and after getting used to them, it doesn’t feel as strange anymore. The… Read more →

Embracing the prep

I make no apologies for being a lover of the preppy. In SL a lot of times you can see that style come through in the items I choose to work with. I definitely favor simple, tailored pieces that can be mixed and matched and I would choose a tailored blouse and shorts or chinos over pretty much anything else… Read more →

In my jeans

I love rainy, lazy Sundays. I just got home from shopping and I’m sitting here in my most favorite jeans. Comfortable but not sloppy. Of course I have favorites in SL too. Until now, those included primarily two: coated denim from ISON and the new Luna rolled cuff jeans from Blueberry. I am now adding Deer Co. Upjeans to my… Read more →

Like Frosting

All the colors I am showing today remind me of the most delicious, colorful frostings you can imagine. Like icings from a gourmet cupcake shop in summer. Elikatira is spoiling us with new release after new release. This is Teigen out just today and goes so well with the items from Uber’s Spice round. I am also wearing a new… Read more →

Over the Top

Sometimes when I go too traditional (in either life), I need to shake things up, go a little overboard, be over the top. But still be me. I mixed some bold hairs with some of the newness at Maitreya, who released dresses, tops and skirts just for the Maitreya Lara mesh body. Rawr! Pink glitter is so overpowered.   The… Read more →