Lighten up!

So I am still working through all the skins from Skin Fair. I have been introduced to some great new to me brands and had good fun trying different looks. One thing that keeps coming up though, is tones. I wear mostly light to very light tones. I found a major issue with many of the skins that I otherwise really like, in that the purported lightest tone, is actually really dark by most standards.


This Daisy skin by Birth is very pretty. This is the cream tone – the lightest tone available ^^. There are no Maitreya Lara appliers at the main store (or at Skin Fair) so I have not matched the tone yet, but it’s always your personal responsibility as a consumer to ensure the vendor has what you need to wear it regularly and in my case, I did not. Anyway, since it’s the lightest tone available, it’s what I chose. But it’s quite dark and for me, is only suitable from time to time, rather than all the time. This is all personal preference and there is nothing inherently wrong with this skin (it’s really lovely as you can see) butttttttt I would like to see a “cream” tone that is actually cream colored.

I ended up trying to match the tones with my body the best I could for now (I do not post process!) and creating what I think is quite a cute Springy look. Perfect texturing on the new dress from Fishy Strawberry and casual new hair from Due, both at Kustom9.


My next several posts may have some complaints ^^. But all in all, I am happy with some new skins to play around with.

The Look

  • Skin: Birth Daisy (cream) – with freckles *@Skin Fair*
  • Hair: Due Catty (ombres) *New @ Kustom9*
  • Dress: Fishy Strawberry Shirt Dress (white) *New @ Kustom9*
  • Bag: u.f.o. three concept bag (grey/blue)

Also shown in the first shot

  • Top: OVH Denim Jacket Lana (dark blue)
  • Music Pocket: Tentacio Music Pocket (blue) *@Arcade*



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