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Essences just released a new face called Aribeth. She comes in 6 tones and each tone comes with 5 eyebrows and associated cleavage versions. You can also buy a lips pack separately with 9 tattoos. I don’t wear Essences often so I was definitely keen to try this one. I like the face; youthful, fresh and very distinct.


I’m also wearing new hair from Elikatira out for the Mix shopping event. I am a big fan because it’s a 100% in-store shopping experience. Each designer puts out either a new, exclusive or sale item especially for the event. You wear the HUD to find participating vendors and see which designers are offering what kinds of releases. You don’t have to wear the HUD to buy but it makes it very easy to TP around.


Personally, I prefer in store releases. If you never visit the stores of your favorite designers, you don’t see what else they have for sale and their overall design influences. I always find that stores with good builds get more of my share of wallet than huge mega stores where it’s hard to find anything or poorly laid out shops. In world stores are so important for branding! I said recently that I promise to patronize store items regularly and I meant it. Mix is a good step towards reigniting interest in shopping in the environment the designer intended, which for me, makes a huge difference. IRL I always pick shopping my favorite boutiques over department stores. It’s kind of the same concept here.

  • Skin: Essences Aribeth *new*
  • Hair: [e] Sabine *new for MIX – in store!!*
  • Hairband: PC Staburst
  • Necklace/Earrings: Izzie’s Pearls
  • Dress: miss chelsea Denim Bustier Dress *new @ Uber*
  • Ring: PC Water Over Wine





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