Hi, I suck at hunts

i suck at hunts2

Hi, I’m Gillian and I suck at hunts. I have spent many hours searching the Wayward Hunt sites and failed a lot. I did finally find the skin I had been coveting from The Skinnery but admittedly, I had help from a lovely fellow hunter who helped me. We had both spent ridiculous amounts of time over 2 days trying to find it. I must have been in the place where it ended up being about 50 times before we discovered it. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! But wow, I love it now that I have it <3

i suck at hunts3

Everything you see in this post aside from my mesh body and eyes can be found at a plethora of stores around the grid. You’re looking for a very plain brown parcel hidden somewhere at the shop you’re searching. Some of them are so well hidden you might actually ragelog ^^ There is still one more I haven’t found that I have spent more than an hour looking for at M.birdie Story >.< I may try again tomorrow.

The Looks

  • Skin: The Skinnery Sakura (milk) *@ Wayward Hunt*
  • Hair: Moon Keepsake *@ Wayward Hunt*
  • Top/Skirt: NYU Floral Blouse and Skater Skirt *@ Wayward Hunt*
  • Shoes: Just Design Polly Vintage Red *@ Wayward Hunt*
  • Ring: {imeka} Rose Ring *@ Wayward Hunt*
  • Clutch: Turducken ToddleeDoo Vintage Clutch *@ Wayward Hunt*
  • Bracelet: Breathe Soothe Bracelet *@ Wayward Hunt*


  • Skin: Clef de Peau Jemma *@ Wayward Hunt*
  • Hair: Due Pia *@ Wayward Hunt*
  • Dress: Vincue Maxxi Dress *@ Wayward Hunt*
  • Shoes: Essenz Mumbai *@ Wayward Hunt*



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