Growing on me

DeuxLooks - growing on me
That profile tho…

So, here’s my second post of the week featuring the Genus head. Is it growing on me or am I just trying to make it feel like it could one day grow on me? Honestly who cares? I loveeeee the profile. Still not loving the eye positions, particularly from the front. Any tips to get a good result with my eyes, much appreciated!

DeuxLooks - growing on me
Vintage Tetra FTW

My skin applier is new from Insol and is available at Kustom9 (which has moved). I just love the eyebrows in particular – they’re so gorgeous, as all Insol eyebrows typically are. I also saw that The Skinnery is out with Genus eyebrows too – so I plan to check those out asap.

Outside of my cute earmuffs <3, the rest of my outfit is most decidedly NOT new. In fact, it’s mostly old and I <3 it. Tetra moved to its own sim and I celebrated by putting on a few favorites from my collection.

However, my hairbase, bun and lipcolor are new – all from Studio Exposure and a brand called Pangea, which I am not familiar with. Let me say this: I love the products – and Studio Exposure does some of my favorite makeups EVER. But these? Each SINGLE lip color is like $150L. This is a bit much IMO – even with excellent quality as you can see (I recommend if you have extra $L to burn).

xoxo (still getting used to this new blog editor)