Getting my shop on

DeuxLooks - getting my shop on
Let’s do this

It’s pretty much down to the Christmas wire again – and as always, I have done very little. TBH, I need to do less shopping in Second Life and much, much more IRL!

DeuxLooks - getting my shop on

However, since I’m here anyway…I’ll mention a few things I’m wearing that stood out to me this last week or so.

  1. I’m wearing my Genus (classic face) head again with makeups from Warpaint and lips again from Pangea.
  2. My eyebrows are new for Genus heads from The Skinnery. Very pricey but great quality. Needs a fatpack option!
  3. Hair is from Entwined and is one of my absolute favorite recent finds. There are actually a couple of new releases from Entwined that you might like.
  4. My sweater is from ERSCH and was something I wanted to like so much when I saw the ad (it’s something I would very much wear IRL). I think it’s actually perfect for a day of shopping.
  5. My shoes are from vive nine and they are $$$ for what they are (one color, basic heel). If you’re in need of a classic heel, they are well done and will not let you down but for ~$400L, they should do more than just click and clack (which I will never use). Just sayin’…
  6. Lastly, these cute poses and props are from Amitie. Totally what I will look like when I finally get out there and get some shopping done!