Summer Fashion: Going Long

I know, summer is supposed to be about short sundresses and skimpy skirts, amirite? Nothing against those, but for me, often predictable and sometimes uninspired. In this post, I’m going long for the summer and enjoying every moment of it. I am addicted to the colors of the long, gorgeous dresses from Tetra. Like delicious sorbets!

going long - DeuxLooks

When you want to wear Belleza skin appliers with your Lara body?

Note, the dresses I am wearing are all fitted for Maitreya Lara. Notice how I am also wearing a Belleza applier with an ISON dress only available and sold exclusively for Lara? Belleza skins/appliers can only be exactly matched with Belleza body because there are no Belleza appliers for Maitreya…So, if you want to wear Belleza appliers with clothing fitted for Lara, you must find another mesh body applier to match. I am using The Skinnery’s Honey tone, which is a workable match to my Belleza Medium tone in this bright windlight. YMMV!

going long - DeuxLooks

No shortage of great hair

There is no shortage of great hairs recently, right? I can’t say the same for some of the fashion lately but hopefully that will even out as the summer goes on. Until then, I am really enjoying the waterfall of choices from Little Bones and others. So good!

going long - DeuxLooks


  • Head: Catwa Gwen
  • Applier: Belleza Keira (medium) – note I saw this is a FLF offering *grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*
  • Eye makeup: Belleza Mila Makeups (Medium)
  • Hair: Little Bones True *@N1*
  • Necklace: Luxe Trio Necklace (gold) *@K9*
  • Dress: ISON Sahara Wrap Dress (white) *@Uber*
  • Shoes: ISON Suede Strapped Heels (white)


  • Head: Fiore Precious
  • Applier: Fiore Jing
  • Hair: Little Bones Mercury *@Crystal Heart*
  • Earrings: PC Pearls
  • Necklaces: PC Pearl Strands
  • Dress: TETRA Sahara Coral *@Uber*
  • Sandals: Izzie Sandals (sand)


  • Head: Fiore Precious
  • Applier: Fiore Jing
  • Hair: Little Bones Jupiter *@Crystal Heart*
  • Necklaces: LaGyo Laura Layered (gold – heart) and Panarea Long Necklace (gold)
  • Dress: TETRA Sahara Banana *@Uber*
  • Wrap: Amitomo A Feel Of Spring #23 (2)
  • Sandals: Polly Wheat