Change Up

DeuxLooks - change up

Look, you guys! I changed my head! Yes, I caved to a growing drumbeat of IMs and notes. I’m back in a Genus head here, and it is a nice change whilst wearing a skin I really like. Note, I still find the eye movement on this head sub-par and its HUDs to be bulky and less intuitive than LeLutka’s. It really should be updated soon.

DeuxLooks - change up

Personally I am hoping for some great new Korina appliers and it looks like I might even get one from my a favorite in the darker skin arena very soon!

I know I have been away a while but it’s just a temporary lull. I have recently had some changes in my personal life and it’s made it much more difficult to sit down for long in the evenings, when I tend to do my shopping and styling.

Hopefully I’ll be back more regularly soon!