Change of Plans

DeuxLooks - change of plans

I was supposed to be away this weekend but then I chickened out and stayed home. Change of plans! I’ll work on my courage and try it next weekend instead. In the meantime, I changed up my Glam Affair Zoe skin to a different tone (no, I am not over the no fatpack thing) and put on this wrap dress from ISON. And ISON, we have a problem…

ISON, we have a problem

When I demo’d this dress, I noticed right away a major fit issue on my shape. If you have never met my avatar in world, I am very petite. Everywhere. Hourglass is not a word I would use to describe my avatar. More like, boyish. Ginny used to call me his little doll because my avatar was so petite.

It’s you, not us

Anywayyyy, this petite-ness sometimes affects fits of Maitreya clothing on my frame (Isis versions seem fine). I have noticed these patches that I can’t fix with any tweaking via the Maitreya HUD with both ISON and Miss Chelsea, and it basically means that I often have to make concessions when it comes to my wardrobe: deal with it (only blog certain poses like here) or give it a full pass and skip it, even if it’s a quality item. I can literally only wear the turtleneck version of the dress because without it, my breasts just aren’t big enough, apparently.

“Why don’t you just change your shape?” Simply because it’s been (basically) my shape since I made my avatar 12 years ago. And it is what it is. I don’t want to add heft to my breasts or butt to make select items fit without photoshop (which I neither have nor use). Most items fit me. But this is a reminder, that if you have the same fit issues that smaller (and maybe larger?) avatars have, then always, always demo.


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