Couldn’t Resist

DeuxLooks - couldnt resist

I couldn’t resist this springy top, pixie hairstyle (which is actually a new hairbase and add-on), and yes, even this LV-inspired pochette. Give me all the spring things! OK maybe not ALL of them – considering half or more of every event is the same micro mini and boob shirt combo 😉 No, that’s not salt. OK maybe slightly salty.

I found most of these items at the new spring rounds of several popular events. The shorts however, these predate mesh body sizing! They are the best tailored “twill” shorts in my collection. I will never ever delete them.

I know I’ve been a bit scarce but work is busy, life is crazy, and take two, I am going away for a long weekend (hopefully). So, I will try to spend more time here next week. Happy Easter and Passover!