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Outta Here

I managed to sneak back in and blog one more look for my travel day to London and then I’m outta here! Not that I would wear this on the actual plane but yeah, I have been meaning to put this on from Rowne. To be honest, it’s the first thing I have really liked from Rowne in a hot… Read more →

Ready, Set, Shop

I spent the week in London for work and halfway through my Sunday night flight I realized, “HOLY F, I LEFT MY MAKEUP AT HOME!!!!” Not just like, a lipstick here or there, but my primer, foundation, setting powder, bronzer, concealer. You know, the most important stuff! I landed, went right to my hotel and napped for a couple of… Read more →

May his memory be a blessing

When tragedy visits our lives, it’s hard to know how to behave. Do we keep up appearances? Try to occupy our minds? Sit still and wait until we feel better? I don’t talk about my RL here. Mostly the weather and my maniacal shopping habits, mirroring those in SL. But I have suffered a major personal loss. Someone very close… Read more →