In Simpler Times

DeuxLooks - in simpler times

These days I find myself going back and looking at old entries in my blog to cure my insomnia. It’s calming to go back and read musings and natterings in much simpler times. In fact, it’s made me nostalgic for stuff I used to love in my inventory, like my LAQ Rebel head. Speaking of which, I haven’t seen much of LAQ in ages but I put on this old thing to reminisce. I still quite like it.

Separately, I tried on the new LeLutka Nuri head. Very beautiful and so different than anything else out there – thank you! I find it interesting that LeLutka now recommends Legacy mesh bodies to go best with their heads. Times have truly changed. I do not (yet) own a Legacy body because clothes/shoes are still all made standard for Maitreya – and not yet all for Legacy. No doubt, the Maitreya body needs to be updated. I feel like I read somewhere that updates are planned? Maybe I dreamed this.

Hope you are all well and staying sane. Maybe you’re even allowed out of your house where you live!? We probably have another Month here in Boston. God help me, lol!