Awards Season

DeuxLooks - awards season

I’m usually a big award’s season watcher. I love the fashion – more than I care who wins if I’m being honest. But this year, I’m feeling kind of meh about the season – although I look forward to seeing what Lady Gaga wears to the Oscars. Instead, I decided to build out a look in SL that you might see at an after party or pre-ceremony luncheon maybe.

DeuxLooks - awards season

So I’m NOT feeling very meh about this gorgeous blush pink tuxedo, although I wish the trousers were longer. There must be something about SL avatar models where all our trousers have to be floods OR completely covering our feet? So let’s just focus on the blazer and lace undershirt, yes?

And if you’re all, “what skin is thattttt?” I’m with you. This is from The Skinnery for Genus and it’s everything. Well everything except it only has one colour option for eyebrows, which is annoying. Other than that, this skin really brings me back to all the reasons why The Skinnery is in my top 3 skin makers across ALL of SL. Beautiful, not airbrushed – but very real. Like a real person. Love!


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