Almost too sweet: Dresses that don’t bore me

too sweet

I knew I would eventually end up doing this post. Despite my boredom around some shorter, “girly” dresses in Second Life, these dresses are all exceptions for me. Why? Extraordinary construction and/or textures you can almost feel. The top of the Dreamy Dress from Pixicat at Collabor88 is textured in a way that I can almost feel the fabric if that makes sense. So while I wish there were more good options for longer (but still casual) dresses or skirts in Second Life, I can live with these options. And thanks for all the bows!!!!!

almost too sweet - DeuxLooks

You know who used to make the best classy clothing with bows? I so miss new items from Dakota Buck of Whippet and Buck (used to be called Savvy?). Now where could she be…and do you think we’ll see new items sometime soon??? If I’m back, I’m going to be needing some of that, please!


  • Head: Genesis Lab Jiang
  • Lips: Genesis Lab Sugar Powder Lips applier
  • Hair: Chemistry Marnie (a)
  • Necklace: Muse Dauphnine (frost)
  • Dress: Pixicat Dreamy Dress (white – Maitreya) *new @ Collabor88*
  • Slippers: katat0nik ballet slippers (white – Maitreya)


  • Head: Genesis Lab Chloe
  • Hair: Mithral Mercury
  • Dress: BCC MuMu Traum Dress (ivory) *new @ Collabor88*
  • Ring: PC Teardrop Diamond Baguette
  • Bouquet: ASO! Hana Bouquet
  • Heels: Opal Heels (antique)


  • Head: LeLutka Stella
  • Skin/Makeup Appliers: Lara Hurley Iza (milky) *new*
  • Eye Makeups: Lara Hurley Iza (addon for Milky) *new*
  • Hair: Exile Memory Bliss *new @ Collabor88*
  • Dress: Tres Blah Carrington (earl – Maitreya) *new @ Collabor88*
  • Shoes: Cora Heels (french gray)






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