Where was I?

DeuxLooks - where was I?

I have been gone a bit so naturally, I lost my place. Last thing I was doing was cleaning out my inventory and now here I am wearing something I styled a couple weeks ago and never blogged 😮 So where was I anyway?

Just as it is IRL, sometimes fashion just isn’t inspiring. I tire of the same old stuff in Second Life. I mean, another micro skirt or mini dress? Meh. But this dress from Thalia Heckroth is beautiful and unique in Second Life. There isn’t a lot of that so when I find it, I celebrate it.

I may be scarce while I wait to have more time IRL and especially, more inspiration. Maybe at the upcoming round of Uber something interesting will pop up? Until then, I am going to keep bopping around in my inventory and trying to shrink it measurably.


PS – as soon as I finished this, I styled a look I <3 a ton. I will try to snap and blog it this week! Go figure